Where to begin?

Begin at the beginning, of course!

I need to get this ball rolling, and so here goes… I want, I need to use tech in my classes in meaningful ways. I love working with kids, and have always thought that my role as their teacher works best when I facilitate, rather than dictate their learning. And I know I can spark that fire by teaching them to use tech for learning and help them to create their own personal learning networks. (ok, I just reread this sentence – and at this point, I’m not positive that I “know” that I can do this, but I think I can, and I’m going to give it my best shot).

My buddy Jabiz says to start with baby steps and so here goes. Since attending a tech workshop in late November where I saw and heard about tons of great things happening with ipads in one elementary school near me, I have been inspired. I know that my current teaching methods just aren’t cutting it with my students. I know that they have passions and interests, and sadly, I know that my recent teaching style would be labelled traditional “aka” boring. Most of my students are lovely, and the ones who aren’t, are pushing me to be better and do better than I have been. And I know I’ll be describing them as wonderful too, one day soon, when I engage them as well as the others.

And so, after attending this workshop, where I played with some very sleek ipads, I headed back to my room where there are no ipads. Not one. I have these guys:

And notice the first one? What you see across the screen is a “failed to boot” message. I have tried using the internet, and they are “slower than molasses going uphill on a cold day” (as my mom would say – she’s a Newfie). But I am not going to be discouraged this easily. I have a handy dandy iphone in my pocket and how better to get kids excited about improving their reading fluency than by recording them!?

They loved it! I have their giggles recorded in voice memos to prove it. Soon I’ll figure out how to insert an audio clip of my little bubbles reading, so stay tuned!

My next goal was going to be trickier. I had to excite my grade 5/6/7 ESL class. They are a great group of kids, but they don’t usually vibrate with enthusiasm for everything the same way the little ones do. But I do know that when I get them hooked, I’ve earned it!

So here’s what I had in store for them:

I now have two big chart papers full of questions to ask them on a survey that I’ll give them tomorrow in class.

Right now, I’m going to search for an example of one that somebody may have already compiled.


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