Effective Posts – Edublog Teacher Challenge week 2

Here’s my “effective blog post” for week two. I was directed here by Intrepid Teacher at http://www.jabizraisdana.com after I commented on a post that Jabiz had written awhile ago.

I chose Spencer’s post, “Live What You Teach” as my example of an effective post probably because his topic has been on my mind lately. I understand this doesn’t necessarily make this an effective post for everyone, but I do think that speaking to one’s audience, makes one an effective blogger.

Spencer’s heading, “Live What You Teach” is clear, but maybe not totally self-explanatory at the outset. It definitely caught my attention, and made me interested to read the rest of his post. In the first sentence, Spencer confirms that this post will be a reflection on how well he is walking his talk. He is articulating his thoughts about the coherence between his words and his actions by realizing that there’s a disconnect right now for him between wanting to live cleaner and the reality that he drives his car to work everyday. So what does Spencer do about this? He’s dusting off his bike. Coincidentally, I just looked at my bike yesterday and realized that I haven’t ridden it yet this year. I need to buck up and not let this rain and cold stop me!

The rest of Spencer’s post goes on to give his reader some background information. He tells us that this is part of a longer process that he and his wife have been involved with for some time. From building a community around him, to composting and using cloth diapers. I really respected how Spencer was quick to say that he is very much still on the journey towards his goal, and I really liked his words “freedom and humility.” I think it’s important to lead by example and in a gentle way in which others will watch you and want to learn from you. I have yet to learn this tact when dealing with my extended family, who spend so much time and money buying things they don’t need. To the detriment of their bank accounts and the environment. But I digress…

Spencer then connects his thoughts with life in the classroom. And questions himself about the coherence between his beliefs/values and the messages that he gives his students in his classroom.

And because I’m running short of time, and commitments are calling… here is Spencer’s entire final paragraph:

“Ultimately, if we want to talk about holistic education and life-long learning, it has to begin with educators. This isn’t to suggest that we live perfect, moral lives or that we use our personal life as some type of a platform for our educational philosophy. The process has to be humble and organic. However, if we aren’t living the values we are teaching, students will ultimately recognize it as a slick, empty counterfeit.”


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5 Responses to Effective Posts – Edublog Teacher Challenge week 2

  1. murcha says:

    It has been great to read the great variety of blog posts chosen as effective. I think the title is really important too. I like how you related Spencer’s post to your personal life. That last sentence is ‘food for thought’ as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. murcha says:

    Hi Tammy I just went back to your comments on the Challenge page and realised you had asked about tags and hyperlinking. At the top of your blog instead of adding the url ie http://www.johntspencer.com/2011/01/live-what-you-teach.html#comments, it is better to write the words “Live What you Teach”, highlight those words and look at the toolbar just above where you are writing, click on what looks a bit like a little chain (it is next to the icons that allow you to put your text to the left, centre or right) and when you wave your mouse over it, it says insert/edit link. Click on that and then paste the url that you have at the top of your page, click update and your text is hyperlinked.
    As to tags we will cover these in a later challenge, but one tag I would definitely add is
    effective posts, what makes an effective post, John Spencer (or whatever a person might key into google, that might bring them to your post.) Hope that all makes sense.

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  4. Tammy says:

    Hi Murcha,

    Thanks for your comments. I just went back and fixed the link in my post. Yep, it looks much better now. Then I went into my dashboard and added my tags to “tag surfer.” I think this is right.

    Thanks again, about to post week three right now.

  5. Britt Gow says:

    Hi Tammy,
    I really like this post, perhaps because it highlights an interest of mine – sustainability. I hope that I live the humble and organic life that Spencer advocates and that my students recognize me as honest and genuine. I teach Science because I love finding out how the world works and sharing the beauty of our magnificent planet with others.
    How do you plan to use this blog after the Teacher’s Blogging Challenge Tammy? Will it be a class blog or a professionals blog, or both?
    Keep up the great work – I look forward to reading more of your posts.

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