No desks, no problem!

Earlier this week there was a little misunderstanding at my school. Two maintenance men came along and took away my classroom tables, and deliver (or so I thought) my new-to-me trapezoid tables that would be more suitably sized for my students.

The men seemed very nice when they came, we had a few words and I left to go grab my next group of kiddies. When I got back to my room, my tables were gone, but my new tables hadn’t arrived yet. No problem, they’ll come along soon enough. But the next day when I arrived at school, still no new tables. So I mentioned this to my VP and asked if my new tables were on their way. He was kind enough to contact the necessary people to get the problem solved, but in the meantime I’m without tables. Not really a big deal for most of my groups, as you can see below.

Who doesn’t love stretching out on the floor with a good book?

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2 Responses to No desks, no problem!

  1. Mrs. Lynch says:

    Dear Mrs. Dewar,
    I was looking at my blog, making changes, etc. and saw a comment from you. Looks like you started blogging and are well on your way. Congratulations. These challenges are great to get us started. What grade do you teach? I have never been to Vancouver but hope to some day.
    a friend in Quebec,
    Mrs. Lynch

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Mrs. Lynch,

      Right now I’m teaching ESL and learning support in an elementary school and so I work with students in grades one through seven. It’s pretty great, but because I don’t have my students for very long, I’m finding it tricky to get blogging with them. I need to make baby steps and just move forward.

      Your blog is very inspiring!

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