I’m currently in my tenth, no wait… eleventh year of teaching. Last year was a bit different, I’ll explain in a moment.

The Bio:

– completed PDP (teachers’ school) at SFU in 2000, with a major in History (because I liked it, and it was considered a “teachable major”) and a minor in Learning Disabilities

– started my career in Abbotsford, where I taught a primary skills class for two years ( my students were children who had been diagnosed with mild intellectual disabilities)

– was laid off during a budget deficit year but that was okey-dokey because I was planning on heading overseas

– spent two years teaching children, in English, at a bilingual school in Medellin, Colombia, and travelled all over South America during my vacations

– then thought that I might return to Abbotsford, but decided to continue teaching overseas and so I landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia teaching grade five students

– after three years in Malaysia, I thought it might be time to return home, but I moved to Belgium instead and taught at an international school in Brussels for two years

– finally, I came home

– now I have a decade of teaching experience, a lifetime of adventures, and am trying to break back into the public school system in an era of budget shortfalls and cut-backs, but great things are happening

– last year I landed a temporary contract as a teacher librarian, and I LOVED it! How had I taught for so long, with so many wonderful librarians and had never thought “maybe that’s what I should be when I grow up?” Sadly, when last year’s school year ended, so did my gig as “Marian the Librarian.”

– but this year… I landed on my feet as a resource/ESL teacher. It’s full-on and I love it. Every 45 minutes I have a new set of kiddies in front of me, and I’m in and out of classrooms all day long working with kids and teachers, and parents. And now I want to kick it up a notch and teach 21st century literacy skills as part of my reading and writing instruction.

We’ll see where the day takes us…


3 Responses to About

  1. Anna Bring says:

    Wow, what a nice about-me-page. Really gets me inspired!

  2. Wow, what an amazing bio. It makes my teaching in one school for 18 years seem very dull and boring. Good luck with the challenges, if your past is any indication you will have no trouble adjusting to new technologies and picking up new skills.

    • Tammy says:

      Hi Vanessa and Anna,

      Thanks for the kind words. 18 years in one school, wow Vanessa that is an accomplishment! Not boring at all. It must be great to get to teach entire families of kids. Talk about relationship building.

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